unique bedroom design for girls
unique bedroom design for girls

Teenage Girls Bedroom Ideas

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Bedroom design ideas girls

Girls bedroom design minimalism of today have been very creative even more beautiful and more unique compared to the old days. To you who have daughters particularly entering their teens, of course, wants her daughter feel more at home in his room, in comparison have to see it more often outside with friends or girlfriend. Well, as good parents should prepare the room that made her daughter feel more at home at home, especially in his room doing his schoolwork, because it is more controlled by parents, different again when the group work in a friend’s home.

teen bedroom
Teenage bedroom Design

We recommend the rooms are designed as comfortable as possible, adjust also the bedroom design with the character. Because inspiration is the beginning of the performance anyway, make room as the most secure and comfortable to excavate inspiration and thus the dream of a well formed.


Take a look at some tips to choose the design minimalist bedroom daughters following :

1. Selection of an appropriate bed with spacious rooms

Measure how spacious the rooms before determining the design of the room, because this affects the final result will be. If the rooms are quite spacious choose a large bed on the bed alone, design rooms with lots of beautiful decorations but still minimalist as illustrated in the figure below :

pink wallpaper
pink wallpaper

However, if the rooms are quite cramped, choose a multifunctional bed as a bed and the other side as a bookcase or a laptop and his objects, as illustrated below :

bed multifunction design


2. Selection of paint colors that match the character

Girls bedroom design minimalism is not separated from the wall paint color selection that suits the character of the child. Paint the walls in the room will affect the mood and character. For adolescent girls who have a soft feminine character and choose a soft and bright colors such as white and pink. For the energetic and jovial could choose yellow and green colors. For those who had the character of graceful and sociable choose the color of blue, purple and beige. For vigorous and courageous choose the color combination of red paint. Adjust colors can be combined with the existing furniture in the room, like the illustration below :

pink bedroom for teenage
pink bedroom color for Soft Feminim Character


Bedroom colour ideas
Bedroom Purple colour ideas for graceful and Sociable Character


Room paint colors green and yellow for the energetic and jolly.
green and yellow colours for the energetic and jolly Character


3. Unique and Modern Decor

To illustrate the atmosphere of elegant and modern rooms must have a unique decoration, so the girls do not get bored. The room decor can be customized with favorite, make a simple d├ęcor and minimalist. Examples of decorations for teens who like the animated cartoon hello kitty can make simple decorations and unique by combining furniture hello kitty as below :

unique bedroom design for girls
unique bedroom design for girls


4. Give the Best Table and Place to Learn Lesson of Lessons

In order for your teenage daughter is getting a passion for learning, give him a desk elegant, fashionable and comfortable. An illustrative example of learning table below :

best bedroom for teenage
best bedroom for teenage


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